The Top Ten Reasons To List During The Holidays

Two friends have approached me this week with letters that they received in the mail asking them to consider selling their home because the agent had a qualified buyer looking for a home just like theirs.  As the trusted source for everything real estate, they brought the letter to me and asked “is this for real?”

It may seem unusual that real estate agents are taking to the streets writing personal letters to unlisted homes hoping to find inventory for their buyers.  However, the election speeches were eroding the confidence of many.  Thoughts of taking on a bigger mortgage in an environment of uncertainty caused many “move up” home buyers to put on the brakes.  This left “first time” buyers out in the cold with little or no homes to purchase.  Our current market is being impacted by a lack of inventory, which is also the most significant factor in the year over year price increase in the average sale price of 10% in Hillsborough County.

You may think that listing your home during the holidays is a bad idea.  However, here are 10 reasons to list your home during the holidays:  Top Ten Reasons To List During The Holidays – Handout


Remember that although it may seem convenient to respond to a request to sell your home directly to a buyer, or to just pay a discounted commission to an agent that is representing a buyer, the best price is obtained by exposing your home to all available buyers.  A real estate agent should be selected for a marketing plan that maximizes your buyer pool, and provides superior negotiating skills on your behalf.

New construction is an incredible bargain now. Builders are clearing their inventory before the end of the year, so they can start the new year with new floor plans at higher prices or simply reduce their tax burden.  A home that goes under contract right now can close in time for sellers to capture the new home of their dreams.

Just like Pumpkin Spice coffee, the unique opportunity to capture last minute holiday sales are only available for a limited time.  Help people make the move to a new meaning for “Home for the Holidays!”